Helping Dairy Farm Experts In Finding Vaccinated & Healthy Buffaloes, Cows And Bulls!

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About Our Company 

In the dairy farm industry, our name, MN Dairy Farm, is trusted by many. We are one of those traders and suppliers that has worked extremely hard in the past. For more than 3 decades, we have managed to continue our legacy of ethical and punctual work. Everyday, our enterprise promises to offer valuable clients with healthy Jersey Bulls, Heifer Cow, Murrah Dairy Buffalo, Breed HF Cows, Livestock Jersey Cows, Desi Murrah Buffaloes, etc. The entire list of livestock is made available to clients at prices which are considered the best in the industry. A group of skilled veterinarians helps us in confirming the perfect health of the farm animals, on a regular basis. Our company works under the vigilance of Mr. Mohit Narwal. He is the engine of our company, and motivates us to perform our best at all times. He helps us with his vast industrial knowledge and experience of the field. 

How To Take Care Of Farm Animals?

Since our incorporation, our enterprise has focused on breeding, feeding and taking care of dairy animals. We have constantly improved our fodder and farm management skills, in order to provide the best living space to the animals. We treat our cows, bulls and buffaloes as per the advice of reputed veterinary experts. We provide them with not only proper healthcare but also offer hygienic housing. 

Quality Assurance

Regularly, our enterprise concentrates on maintaining the quality of our work. We make sure that each and every step of our business operation is completed in a quality centric manner. Our company not only cares for the quality of our work but also the quality of Desi Murrah Buffaloes, Jersey Bulls, etc., that we deliver. We assure their proper health prior to their transportation. We comply to ethical animal trading practices of the country. 

Our Farm Units & Infrastructure Facility

At our farm, we maintain utmost hygiene and cleanliness. At all times, we assure that our farm is backed with quality equipment and tools that supports our operation. At the premise of our farm, a skilled team of animal handlers, fodder experts as well as veterinarians works. They all guide us to perform our best, on a regular basis. 

Our Team

Our enterprise has commendable support of professional experts. They understand our priorities well and work accordingly to benefit the organization. They assure that the farm is kept as per the standards and animals are well cared for. The team also maintains an open flow of communication with clients, resolves clients queries, and caters to their exact demands on time. 

Why Us?
  • We are determined to keep our livestock in utmost hygienic conditions at all times
  • We only make deliveries of farm animals that are approved by experienced veterinarians.
  • We assure that the ordered livestock is delivered to clients on time at all times.
Whichever breed of livestock you need for your dairy farm, you can trust us. Our company supplies minimum 5-10 cows and buffaloes to buyers anywhere in India.